The Vision of the ILIUM BRAND of Products

The ILIUM brand is recognized by veterinarians throughout the Australian and International market as a leading range of veterinarian ONLY products that offer quality, efficacious and affordable animal health solutions.

The range has been expanded significantly due to the input of Australian veterinarians who have identified products of significance that will ensure quality animal healthcare can be provided to all pet and animal owners. The focus of our developments have been in the areas of the maintenance of animal wellness, pain management for all species and provision of options for returning animals to normal health rapidly and in a cost effective manner.

The ILIUM brand was once seen as a only a generic brand but with the evolution of products like ILIUM MELOXICAM Foal, ILIUM Propercillin, ILIUM Meloxicam Suspension for Dogs and now Cats it now represents quality image and proprietary health products.