ORAL pain relief for cattle and sheep is expected to be taken up in force this marking season following the release of a world-first product that combines the proven performance of an anti-inflammatory drug with revolutionary buccal delivery. This delivery involves a dosing gun, which places the product in the buccal cavity, between the gums and cheek.

The release last year of a new oral pain relief product from Troy Laboratories for routine farm husbandry procedures is being described as a massive leap forward in the shift to consumer-driven meat and wool production.

A multi-million dollar collaborative effort between Australian company Troy Laboratories, Australian Wool Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia, with extensive research and trial work delivered by the CSIRO, has culminated with the cutting-edge product now at the fingertips of producers.

Leading Australia to future of pain management in livestock

“Eventually it won’t be a case of the premium being an incentive but rather a producer won’t be able to sell his or her article without meeting these demands.’’ Animal welfare was also something wider society, not just consumers, demanded. “In response, legislation is already happening overseas;’’ Mr Saunders said.

Australia’s red meat industry has a reputation for leading the way in animal welfare and the expected strong uptake of the buccal analgesic will follow in the tradition, its makers believe. The product is being heralded as one of the sheep and cattle industry’s most significant product releases.

Manufacturer Troy Laboratories believes six million doses, between the cattle and sheep industries, will likely be administered within 24months.

How it works and where to obtain the buccal analgesic?

While it is a scheduled drug available via veterinarians, producers can give it to animals without the need for the vet to be on site. The active constituent meloxicam, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), has been extensively researched by Troy Laboratories across a wide range of animal species with great success.

Mr Saunders said the idea of developing a buccal analgesic was first explored by Troy Laboratories Australia in 2009. The unique patented product is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to the site of pain. The effects are seen within the first hour following the procedure and are long-lasting. The buccal analgesic is administered immediately prior to any husbandry procedures so the pain management is in place when the procedure takes place.

The new product is the world’s first buccal NSAID approved for pain relief in sheep and cattle. It can be used on any occasion where the animal will benefit from pain relief including castration, tail docking, mulesing, disbudding, lameness and even shearing cuts.

It has a meat withholding period of 14 days for cattle and 10 days for sheep and an export slaughter interval of 21 days for cattle and 10 days for sheep.

The product is blue in colour and allows treated animals to be easily identified. Developed by Troy Laboratories Australia in association with the CSIRO, MLA and AWI, the buccal analgesic provides simple, oral administration for safe and fast delivery for on-farm pain management.

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ILIUM BUCCALGESIC OTM contains 10mg/mL Meloxicam. Meloxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that alleviates pain and inflammation by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme (COX-2 selective activity). BUCCALGESIC is simply oral delivery APVMA registered and is ready to use 10mg/mL Meloxicam. It is formulated as a viscous blue dyed liquid to facilitate OTM Absorption and dosing visibility. 

Best Practice, Cost Effective pain relief for Production – Livestock Husbandry.

Treating pain in production animals has benefits beyond the ethical debate, minor surgical procedures used in common animal husbandry practices (e.g) castration, mulesing, tail docking, disbudding) induces various physiological responses that detrimental to the animals overall health such as; Stress responses (Neuroendocrine responses), tissues inflammation, suppression of immune function, pain associated behaviours (including delayed or reduced feeding) and growth rate effects.

Give Production Animals a better start, with better pain management. 

  • Reduces pain-related behaviors faster – Animals return to normal behaviors such as grazing and suckling.
  • improves physiological responses – Stress hormones and blood counts return to normal faster. 
  • Safe, fast delivery with no needles.


Please talk to your vet or wholesaler about ordering your ilium Buccalgesic OTM 200mL. You can also give the head office a call to get more information on this product.